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The NLBA is run by a dedicated group of volunteers. Each year the executive seeks new volunteers as our league continues to grow and thrive. Many hands make light work and any time you may have to volunteer is welcome– from assembling coaching kits for season start up, coordinating photo night or our jamboree day, game schedule coordinator or age group coordinators – the NLBA cannot succeed without its numerous dedicated volunteers.

What is the Volunteer Deposit?

All NLBA families with children in U9, U11, U13, U15, U18, the Girls Academy are required to provide a $100 Volunteer Deposit (payable via Visa).  Once your volunteer commitment has been fulfilled, we will refund you the $100 amount. 

Why does the NLBA collect a volunteer deposit?

​Each family will be required to complete one volunteer opportunity over the course of the season.  If your volunteer requirement is completed your cheque will not be cashed. 

If you have more than one child playing, you will only need to complete one volunteer opportunity (NOTE: Families with a child in U7 are excluded from volunteer requirements). 

Volunteer duties will range in their commitment level and may be completed by a parent, grandparent, or responsible older child (high school age and up).  Some examples of opportunities available will include:

  • Assessment night volunteers
  • Team parent/manager
  • Scorekeeping (4 games)
  • Operating the game clock (4 games)
  • Pick up and/or return of game clock for each game
  • Clock storage (for division for the season)
  • Photo Night Volunteers
  • 3 on 3 Ron Renville Tournament Volunteers

Sign up will be through a web platform called VolunteerSignup.org to help us keep track of all our opportunities and volunteers.  Some fine print:

  • Emails with links to sign up for opportunities in each division will be sent out throughout the season. 
  • You may volunteer for any division that you would like. 
  • All executive positions, division coordinators, coaches, and assistant coaches will automatically have their volunteer duties fulfilled. 
What if I do not volunteer?

If you do not complete a volunteer opportunity throughout the course of the season, your $100 deposit will not be refunded. Rest assured, your deposit will go towards supporting and growing the NLBA. 

Thank for your contribution to making this a great season for our North Langley Basketball players!

Volunteer Positions


Info can be found on coaches page

Team Manager
Equipment Sorting Night (1 Person per Division)

Make sure that each team has the right number and size of basketball.  Sort through the jerseys and make sure each team has the right size and number of jerseys.  As well as sort through the first aid kits and make sure each team has a first aid kit (with gloves, bandaids and ice packs). 

Have the coach sign that they have picked up their bag of jersey’s and their team first aid kit.

Evaluation Night (4 volunteers per division/evaluation night)
  1. Volunteer Deposit Cheque Collection Volunteer
    • Help with setup as needed
    • Make sure you have the Volunteer Deposit Cheque spreadsheet & envelopes, the sign for your table, a nametag, and a pen
    • Collect the volunteer cheques or money for each family
    • Help with cleanup as needed
  2. Check-in/Jersey Sizing Volunteer
    • Help with setup as needed
    • Check in each player for their specified time period
    • Confirm their jersey size is documented
    • Help with clean up as needed
    • When final Evaluation Group exits the gym, collect clip boards and pens from coaches and place them in NLBA Evaluation Night Supplies bin
  3. Foyer Monitor
    • Help with setup
    • Make sure you have the signs on the front door and both the gym doors and your nametag 
    • Line up the group of players inside prior to their time slot
    • Divide the kids into 2 teams based on height.  Have one team wear the light side of their jersey and one team wear the dark side
    • Help the group of players leaving the gym find their parents at the end of their evaluation
    • Repeat the same procedure for all 4 evaluation groups
    • When the final Evaluation Group exits the gym, collect extra jerseys and clean up the NLBA Extra Jerseys bin
    • Help with clean up as needed
  4. Data Entry Volunteer
    • Help with setup as needed
    • Receive the “Evaluation Group Lists for check-in/jersey sizing” from the Check-in/Jersey Sizing Volunteer as each group’s sizing is completed.  Enter the jerseys sizes into the Excel spreadsheet. (Instructions will be given by Head Coach)
    • Receive the “Evaluation Group Lists for Coaches” from Head Coach as each group completes their evaluation.  Enter this information into the Excel spreadsheet
Photo Night (4 volunteers in total)
  1. Photo Volunteer 1
    • Stands Outside of the Building, keeps the crowds behind the line as they are waiting for all team members and coaches to arrive, in general groups
    • Getting the Team ready to come inside of the Building, Making sure No Water, No Balls, the player only need to wear their Jersey
  2. Photo Volunteer 2
    • Standing inside the Lobby and line up the teams as they come inside
    • Calls team forward. Lines them up in order of height. Teams wait along the wall with coaches
    • Make sure all the player have Jersey
    • Keep the noise down and lead the teams to the door
    • Line up the next team 
  3. Photo Volunteer 3
    • In the photo room, near the Exit door
    • When the team’s pictures are completed, they make sure every player finds their parent
  4. Photo Volunteer 4
    • Stand at the table outside the building
    • Make sure all coaches/players have the photo forms, have pens handy
    • EVERYONE needs to hand in a form regardless of whether they are paying for extra prints. EVERYONE gets an individual print and team print as part of their fees but the form MUST be filled out
    • Collect the form from the Coaches/Parents