Consent and Refund Policy

Parental consent, indemnity, agreement, photo waiver: I consent to and assume all risks and hazards of and incidental to the participation of my child in the activities of NLBA and agree to indemnify the said association and it’s officers, servants or agents nominated or appointed by or on its behalf against all loss from any claim hereafter made against it, them or any of them on behalf of the said child and arising directly or indirectly from such participation. I agree to have my child’s photograph on the NLBA website.

Withdrawal / Refund Policy: I understand if I withdraw my child(ren) from NLBA and notification of withdrawal is received in writing by the Association’s Registrar prior to September 28th for the U7 to U13 divisions, and October 26 for the U15 and U18 divisions, I will receive a refund of fees minus an administrative fee of:


Requests for withdrawal received after that time will not be eligible for any refund of fees.